“Spirits of Nearby Places” by Rod Hogg

“The Iron Promise” by Steven Hunter

Facing Your Destiny by Veronika Prielozna

Sampada by Durga H. Periwal

The A-Z Wildlife Series by Sherry Ewacha-Poole

Stories Told by an Old Jew by Viktor Shell

Shakespeare by Narendra Simone

Where the Forest Trail Meets the River by Larry Rintala

Memories, Musings and Mystics

Grandma’s House by Sybil G. Ahearne

Sophie & The Magic of Dance by Shelley Richardson

Glorious Victorians by Nick Russell

Amazonas by Ian Ryman

The Tormented House on Oakland Street By Karly Paul-Morris

Self-Publishing In Canada by Suzanne Anderson

Will You Come With Me? by Patricia Rose

Real Men Rattle by Slim Chandra-Shekar

Kay Kemp. Her Story

Dare to Dream by Evan Parrott

Setting Free Your Mind by Ron Chudley

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