“Noah’s Raven” by Bruce Fraser

NEWLY-MINTED REPORTER Fred Scully stumbles upon the story of a lifetime. Now he just needs to make sure he lives to tell it.

Billionaire presidential hopeful Billy Joe Northrop and good ol’ boy political strategist Bull O’Connor have a plan to take the White House, one built on deceit and backroom deals that weave a twisted path to British Columbia’s vast Chilcotin. The region may change forever — as will history — if First Nations elder Noah Hanlon can’t overcome personal tragedy to fight for the land he loves.

Bruce Fraser’s new political thriller imagines the intersection of the American electoral process with Native land rights, revisiting the Hanlon family from his previous two novels.

More information at Three Ocean Press

It is a 6×9 book. Three Ocean Press publishers took Glen Rabena’s art – Raven Looking Down Smoke Hole – for the front cover image. Title set in Pristina font. The inside pages typeset in Warnock with Pristina display. Look at the sample here.


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