“Amazonas” by Ian Ryman

Climate change has been a cause of war through history. The 21st century has opened with an accelerating greenhouse effect. Fossil fuel use and deforestation are going full bore. Scientists have warned that global warming could trigger an abrupt change in an unpredictable new climatic regime.

Amazonas is an intricately woven mix of science, politics and military action that begins soon after the present, when global warming pushes Earth over a tipping point, shutting down the oceanic conveyor belt and threatening the very existence of large tranches of the human population. The world economy goes into a tailspin and the sweeping changes needed to avert the catastrophe would spell disaster. But a start must be made quickly and to break through the endless political roadblocks, America teams up with Russia to take over the Amazon and halt the destruction of the rainforest, launching the first modern climate war. Amazon

Cover image – photo of  Yanomami Woman by Victor Englebert.

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