Close to the Bone by Dorothy Kirk

Like a long letter to a dear friend, Close to the Bone is the engaging story of a quietly-courageous woman’s “great escape” from conventional society to fulfill a lifelong dream of living a simple life immersed in Nature. Written by hand (while sitting in a rocking chair on a rustic veranda facing a beautiful vista of forest and ocean), Dorothy’s unique voice and spirit come through vividly in this refreshingly personable account of life on a (relatively) remote island off the west coast of Vancouver Island — a life lived attentively and deeply, whether dealing with daily chores, occasional bouts of despair and emotional contortions, or enjoying the many wondrous delights of Nature, yours to experience through her eyes and heart.

It is 5″x8″ book, typeset in Bembo Book, 13 pt. Excerpt.

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