Little Girl’s Wish, WORKING~PLAYBOOK by Miriam Sanua

Are you looking for a fun experiential program on how to embody love in your life? Are you a teacher, parent or young adult looking for a format that conveys the principles of self-love, respect for peers, and generates a keen interest and desire to re-connect with the Earth and nature?
A class of forty-nine 10-year olds, and a lovely, dedicated teacher who saw the potential to engage and inspire children through the simple power of Little Girl’s Wish story, were the inspiration behind the Working-playbook.
The intention of this light-hearted working-playbook is to:

  • Build on foundational principles of love.
  • Deepen inner knowing – emotionally, mentally and spiritually through self-exploration.
  • Foster empathy and compassion.
  • Connect with Mother Earth and nature in a meaningful way.
  • Engage the empowered inner leader and create change in the world.
  • Change happens one person at a time. Imagine the impact of inspired students answering the questions; Who am I? Why am I here? What is my soul purpose?

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