“The Reluctant Activist” by Randolph P. Mains

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The Reluctant Activist completes the trilogy picking up where Journey to the Golden Hour left off. Here, Mains paints a colorful word picture of those 29-years spent abroad offering a candid account of what life was like for an American helicopter pilot living and working in Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi, but more importantly, the new paradigm he discovers while living it. This is not just another flying story, this is a story of love lost and love found, and ultimately it’s a story of one man’s challenge to deliver that life-saving paradigm to the people back home in peril who most need it.

How he manages to deliver that message will leave you as stunned and as moved as those 700 medical professionals sitting in the audience who heard him deliver it that day.

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This book is typeset in Plantin with Stencil display (Excerpt).


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