Tundra – A Gift from the Creator by Gary R. Allan

Tundra and I have visited over 200 schools in BC and taught over 35,000 students and teachers about the importance of wolves in creating and balancing ecosystems and how we can learn from the strong family relationships wolves develop.
In First Nation culture, the wolf was seen as a teacher also. The wolf taught the native people that family is strong, that we must share our food, raise our children collectively and work together.
In an Ojibway Oral Teaching: Wolf and Man, the lessons were many from the wolf, such as:

  • Wolves are social creatures and watch out for each other as our human family members should do.
  • Wolves respect and obey the dominant wolves as we respect and listen to our elders.
  • Wolves are excellent hunters and only took what they needed as we do also.
  • Each of them knew their place in the pack and always did their share. Without working together not only would they die but the entire pack would as well.
  • Our people are like the wolf, we need community, we need to work together and we need to do our share. Not only will you benefit but so will your people.
Book cover design.

This book is 8″x10″. It has been typeset in New Century Schoolbook, 14 pt. The book has about 30 images (black&white and in colour).

Please have a look at the excerpt here.

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